The Lords discussing behaviour

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has this afternoon started its inquiry into the effectiveness of behaviour change campaigns. Peers will investigate the ways in which the government seeks to change public behaviour in key policy areas and have started off by questioning civil servants about whether ministers’ approach has been “evidence based” and effective. Areas set to be explored include public campaigns to reduce smoking and obesity and to encourage recycling.

Nick Pecorelli has submitted evidence to the Committee on behalf of TCC, regarding the need to focus on motivational factors on top of the already well-known mechanisms to improve ability for people such as choice architecture changes, also known as Nudges. Nick’s paper argues that in order to understand motivation, one needs to segment to understand the dynamics around individual’s current needs and values.

The results of the Inquiry, along with December’s Public Health White Paper, will no doubt set the agenda in the field of behaviour change over the coming years and we have welcomed the opportunity to contribute our views to it.

Charlie Mansell is Research and Development Officer for The Campaign Company.


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    […] of the Committee talking about the report is also available.  TCC was pleased to have been able to make a submission, which is listed on page 79. The report is important as it sets out the clear purpose for this sort […]

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